Interview Skills Strategy Sessions                                        

Together we will find your Six Second Message™, your “why should I hire you?” We will develop strategic preparation to help you land the job you deserve. This will give you the tools to answer any questions during the interview.

·        Use my six second method™ to develop success stories as examples of how you have increased sales, decreased expenses and provided exceptional customer service. Different from responsibilities, we will use why chains to find great examples an interviewer will remember.

·        Practice answering questions, using the information we develop based on your personal strategy.

·        Script answers to any possible stumbling blocks, such as gaps in employment, being fired or concerns about salary questions. Scripting allows you to control how this information is presented, keeping you in control of the interview.

·        Rehearse your answers in a mock interview. Questions will be provided in advance, developed from key words from job listings you are considering.

“The inescapable truth about getting a job is that the interview is all that matters. As for everything else – research, résumés, letters, and phone calls – it’s all used as back up for the crucial meeting” Jeffery Allen C.P.C. author of How to turn an Interview into a Job.

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Six-Second-Résumé Services

How much time does a recruiter spend reviewing a resume?

Unfortunately, not much. Most job seekers think recruiters spend 4 to 5 minutes reviewing a resume. 

The truth: recruiters spend about 6 seconds before they make the initial “fit/no fit” decision. That means prioritizing information is essential.

Does a professionally written resume make a difference in what a recruiter learns about the candidate?

The results of a study published by The Ladders® revealed that recruiters were able to easily find and focus on the important information they were looking for in a professional resume much faster than regular resumes or an online profile.


 I offer and encourage my FREE 15 minute assessment to discuss your individual needs. See how working together will shorten your job search.






“Thank you Joel for your help with my job search. In particular I found the 101 Job Seeker Tips useful in helping to plan my interview strategies. I also used the “What is your value message” to better present my career goals and how the job would help me to achieve my goals.

Finally, I would recommend Joel Quass’ job coaching service to anyone who is looking for work. Thanks again, Joel, for your help in landing me my new job.”

– Kurt Ferdinand, Harrisonburg VA




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