Your next job: The intersection of preparation and opportunity

Posted by | October 30, 2011 | Interview Tools

There are days when everything just seems to fall into place and others days where I just can’t seem to catch a break. What makes the difference? I get up from the same bed, eat the same breakfast, shower, shave and dress in the same manner. I drive to work along the same route and listen to the same news radio station. I park in the same parking spot at work and enter through the same door. Yet some days things go exceptionally well and other days it seem like I should have stayed in bed.

The same thing happens when  you are job hunting. What seems to work one day seems to be out of kilter the next. Why that happens may be summed up in two words; preparation and opportunity.

As an employee and manager, I find the next day goes best if I have made the time to organize myself the day before. When I have reviewed my day planner and noted what I have accomplished and what I need to do the next day, I am more prepared.

Doing this before I go to bed allows my sub-conscious mind to work on it overnight, developing answers to questions and getting everything in order. When I wake up, it’s all in place. I’ve done the preparation and all that is left is to put myself in the way of the opportunity.

The same holds true with a job search. Doing what is necessary each day, that is the preparation, will put you in the path of opportunity. Preparation means doing the research about the companies you are applying for. Preparation means having compelling, true, specific stories about how you have; increased profits, saved expenses or improved customer service at your current or previous jobs. Preparation includes rehearsing the interview, knowing what types of questions will be answered and practicing the answers. Preparation means tailoring each resume or application to the specific job, not just “spraying and praying”.

Doing what is necessary each day will put you in the place where your preparation intersects with your opportunity. And the result will be everything falling into place as you hear those magic words “you’re hired”.

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